Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Marilyn....Say It Ain't So

By Allen Bacon

A news item came across the wire yesterday that made me sick to my stomach.

I realize that my idol Marilyn Monroe was far from perfect. She made some mistakes in her short life. But this was the first time that I heard that she made....how can I say this....a compromising private movie of her with another man.

This short film, which I am guessing was never supposed to be for public consumption fetched a lot of money from a private collector who said that the reason that he bought the film was to make sure that Marilyn's reputation wasn't tarnished. Which I say is rubbish. If I really didn't want her image to be tarnished I would have bought the movie, made no public announcement, and promptly destroyed it. Which is what Joe DiMaggio tried to do at one point. But the creep that originally possessed the film wouldn't sell to Gentleman Joe.

This film apparently has a history to it. Because the male's face in the film is never seen it was speculated that the man was actually John F. Kennedy. This is when that brilliant and respected head of the FBI...the guy that used to dress in women's underwear, J. Edgar Hoover, leaped into action. He put nine G-men on the case to determine who the man in the film was. They even brought in prostitutes to see if they could identify the guy's member. Nothing was ever determined. And that's what really sickens me. Another waste of our government money for something so ridiculous.

To the sick guy who bought the film...do the honorable thing and destroy the print and never mention it again. And if you respect Marilyn so much, then go by her grave and leave some flowers. Joe would have done that.

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Anonymous said...

Even after all these years this kind of stuff comes out, sad. Poor Marilyn.