Tuesday, April 1, 2008

DWTS Recap: Fans Send Gutenberg Home

Priscilla Presley heats up the dance floor with her tango in Monday night's competition on Dancing With the Stars.

In somewhat of a surprise move, the fans voted off Steve Gutenberg in tonight's results session of Dancing with the Stars. Tecninally, Gutenberg wasn't the worst dancer based on the judges scores.

Earlier in the show, Gutenberg danced an April's Fools edition of the Tango with Jonathon Roberts. Gutenberg practiced with Roberts this past week due to the fact that his regular partner who is married to Roberts was sick with the flu.

All twelve of the performers had strong showings on Monday night in the competition round.

Even Adam Carolla stepped it up. Under the guidance of Juliane Hough, his tango surprisingly was good and he received a decent score of 21. Carolla's quirky humor is also coming out more each week. He made cracks about his partner's wardrobe looking like Sandy Duncan and the fact that he was being taught the tango, "a dance about prostitutes and pimps" that the best place would be to learn from a Mormon. Hough and her brother, also a coach on the show, are both Latter Day Saints.

If you missed any of the shows, watch Dancing With the Stars on www.abc.com. The next show is on Monday at 8 PM EST/8 PM PST

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