Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Sunday In the Rear View Mirror.

By Allen Bacon
Bosco: The Blog

All I ask of my Super Bowl Game is a little drama...and I got it this year with Eli Manning's late heroics. All I ask for of my Super Bowl Halftime show is a good entertaining concert and I got it. All I ask from my Super Bowl commercials are good, inspired, and entertaining and well I got a mixed bag on that one.

Is it my imagination or does Tom Petty look like the Reverend Gene Scott now with that beard? Am I right? But I digress. This was the best halftime concert in a long time. I like the one performer concept. Petty and the Heartbreakers played four of my favorit hits flawlessly with no wardrobe malfunctions or having to share the stage with Run DMC. I wondered for a couple of weeks why Tom Petty was chosen to appear on the halftime show. Then it became apparent that Fox was using the halftime show to promote Petty's apperance on "King of the Hill"

My favorite commercial was the Rocky-themed Clydesdale bit for it's creativity and humor. Other than that, nothing stood out. The Budlight ad formula is just getting annoying and old now and they need to go in a dirrerent direction. And what exactly does Go Daddy do? No way you could tell from their ad. They wanted us to go look at their website and see Danica Patrick take off her jump suit. I'm not falling for that. She's probably going to just have a Go Daddy Tee shirt on under the suit anyway. And I still won't know what Go Daddy actually does. The Spitting Baby is like watching a train wreck. You can't believe what you just saw so you keep on watching and I can't remember what they were selling in that ad. That's not good when your company spends millions and all you can remember is a baby puking. Another funny one was the Pepsi with Ginseng in the "Night at the Roxbury" vein. Having Chris Kataan show up at the end was classic. As a side, don't advertise the fact that you have Ginseng in there. That doesn't make it more appealing.

It's actually even sadder when I think that one of the best commercials is a promo for Fox. In one segment, Hugh Laurie from House and lead guitarist for Band From Television is playing a nasty guitar rift to the theme from NFL on Fox.

Enjoyed the announcing team of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. Not Al Michaels and John Madden (we get them next year on NBC) but since I am basically a radio guy I used to love listening to Joe's daddy Jack and Hank Stram (both of them rest in peace) on the CBS radio network back in the 70's and 80's. Troy Aikman is a breath of fresh air in the broadcast booth...he's no Tim McCarver and that's a good thing. I'm waiting for Westwood One to replace the lead announcer on the radio side. I'm not saying who it is but he used to be a pretty good Basketball announcer and he says "yes!!" a lot. I would have much preferred to hear Joel Meyers or somebody else on the radio team.

Before I forget, American Idol winner Jordin Sparks sang a great rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't watch the game, but I did see the half time show. Tom Petty was great. Too bad he did not sing Like a refugee

All told it was a great half time show.