Friday, March 8, 2013

Who Says Radio Drama Is Dead?

Produced by Bob Carlson
Tuesdays 2:30 PM PT
On Air KCRW 89.9 FM Radio (LA Area) (Link via Bosco Radio)
Five Scoops of Bosco

And Who Says Good and Original Radio Drama and Story-telling Is Dead?

UnFictional is a program of storytellers and documentaries that cover the ground between the sophisticated and the profane. Audiences will hear captivating stories of real life told by writers and performers with a talent for tales that will suck you in.

The program also features documentaries created by the most talented producers from around the country.

UnFictional is one part of the Independent Producer Project, an initiative to cultivate and support the work of independent radio producers and other writers and artists. The idea is to create a clearinghouse of creativity both online and on the air.

The program is hosted and curated by KCRW producer, Bob Carlson. He has an ear for compelling radio stories that are funny, sad, sincere and often dark. Listen for stories of hometowns and family secrets, as well as tales of drugs, sex, and aliens (both extraterrestrial and earthbound.) The stories on UnFictional will stick in your head like a memory.

As KCRW-FM (Santa Monica, CA) Director of Production, Bob has helped to shape the radio station's sound for over 20 years. He studied radio broadcasting at Emerson College in Boston, and worked as a wee-hours DJ at radio station in the desert town of Lancaster, CA. He began as a staff recording engineer and board operator at KCRW and regularly engineered the wild and wooly nighttime live performances for Deirdre O'Donghue's legendary SNAP program. He was a regular fill-in host for SNAP and hosted his own midnight music show.

In the early 90s he produced several radio dramas for KCRW including two mammoth unabridged dramatizations of a pair of Ross Macdonald mystery novels, and two editions of the Mean Streets series of detective short fiction. (In an earlier production he was famously called into action to perform as an escaped gorilla, playing opposite actress Jobeth Williams.) He also recorded work for radio storyteller, Joe Frank (who can be linked to on Sunday nights through Bosco Radio: Entertainment).

He continued to mix live performances on Morning Becomes Eclectic and co-produced four volumes of the Rare on Air live performance CD's, receiving five stars from Rolling Stone magazine.

He produced a series of award winning documentaries about the construction and opening of various southern California cultural centers, most notably the Getty Center and Walt Disney Concert Hall.

If you're a regular KCRW listener, you've heard his name and his work countless times, all across the KCRW program schedule on The Treatment, Good Food and many other programs.

Link to UnFictional through Bosco Radio: News and Information each Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 PM PT. The link is in our sidebar. Powered by The Show can be heard on regular FM radio in the Southern California/Los Angeles area on KCRW 89.9 FM.

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