Monday, December 3, 2012

On High Speed Rail and Oil Pipelines

Op-Ed By Doug Vehle, The Daily Bosco

People have told you how to feel about California's High Speed Rail project, but have you decided for yourself how you feel? Will you learn anything about high speed trains, or will you listen to people who might have reasons to lie to you?

And what about the pipeline to bring the Canadian Oils ands petroleum to refineries in Texas?

We all realize it would be better to build new refineries in northern states, but there are always NIMBY's (Not in MY Backyard) to seek to block this without knowing what a refinery is really like, while the Texas refineries are already built.

Do you really believe that the environment will somehow be protected if the pipe is never built? Why are people objecting to the pipeline? Are they all just people who object to everything? Or might they have other motives?

Did you know that the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad had its publicly traded stock bought up and was taken to private ownership? Did you know that if the pipeline is not built, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, BNSF, stands be become even more profitable? Do you know how the campaign against the pipeline is financed?

How many additional train runs will be made to carry all these tanker cars to Texas if need be? How much pollution will be generated from this?

Are there many remote generators such as the Fairbanks Morse Model 32D still operated to power switching and other equipment for the railroads? If not, are the replacements much cleaner?

Watch the engine run on Youtube by searching here

How clean are todays trains? Are there many like the one you can see in the Youtube video by searching here ?

These are things I'd like everyone to find out about BEFORE forming an opinion.

I've always said an ignorant opinion is not worth having, let alone listening to. Yet as people blab what they think about things such as high speed rail and the oil pipelne, I'm amazed that they become annoyed at being asked to demonstrate some little bit of knowledge that would show they actually merit the opportunity to speak on the subject.

What about you? Are you one of those who don't even know why you formed your opinions? Are you going to watch these videos at Youtube?

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