Friday, November 16, 2012

Tony Guerrero Returns To His Roots

Tony Guerrero Quintet Live
Steamers Jazz Cafe
Fullerton, CA
Friday 11.16.12 (8:30 PM PT)

Trumpeter Tony Guererro returns to Steamers Jazz Cafe in Fullerton, CA Friday night (11.16.12) with his Quintet.

Born in California in 1966, Tony Guerrero began developing his musical talents by studying the trumpet at the age of nine. Within his first year, he was playing lead in the All District Honor Band and was accumulating all the accolades his district could offer.

Soon, he would hold the lead and soloist chairs in the California Junior Philharmonic and the California Swingphonics Orchestra. Guerrero's inspiration and natural aptitude directed him toward choosing the flugelhorn as his premier instrument, turning to its melodic sound for greater expression.

During junior high and throughout high school, Guerrero was composing music and had taken an interest in other instruments. Predominantly self-taught, he was soon performing on a variety of keyboards, woodwinds, drums and guitars.

As a result of the school director leaving the district, Tony undertook the task of running the school jazz band, and although only a sophomore, began composing and arranging for the group. This prompted him to organize his first band as a leader. He composed and arranged works that combined the school's concert band, choir and orchestra, and continued to write for large combined musical groups in college.

By the time Tony began college at California State University in Fullerton, he was working six nights a week in local jazz clubs with much older and seasoned jazz musicians who took him under their wings. Eventually, it was his own band, VISION, that caught the eye of a new original music label called White Light Productions.

This led to the signing of his first record deal and to a long-lasting relationship with manager Lucille Hunt. Tony's career as a noted jazz recording artist began with the release of his first CD Tiara in 1988. This debut recording project introduced the world to his flugelhorn sound and his writing.

The disc featured the talents of special guests Grant Geissman, Phil Keaggy, Max Bennett, Merry Clayton, Denny Correl and more, and gained national airplay on the strength of the hit "L.A.'d". Tony began his first forays into the touring world at this time, playing to new audiences around the country.

In 1989, Tony Guerrero released "Different Places," a popular radio favorite that featured the hit songs "Slam Shack," "Pancho," "Mangione" and more, as well as a veritable who's who of the new smooth-jazz scene, including Richard Smith, Norman Brown, Steve Reid, Brandon Fields, Brian Bromberg, Bill Cantos, Greg Vail and others.

At this time, Tony was one of the only jazz flugelhorn players on the smooth jazz market.

In 1991, the release of his disc "Another Day, Another Dream" cemented his reputation as a leading and recognizable voice on the flugelhorn. This smooth jazz disc featured the talents of smooth jazz artist Gerald Albright, Rob Mullins, Brian Bromberg, Bill Cantos and many more and was hugely popular on smooth jazz radio and with fans. His version of Quincy Jones' "The Secret Garden" received not only jazz station airplay but was featured in urban market stations.

The songs "Amorado" and "Another Day, Another Dream" were also widely popular. Tony's touring schedule took him around the United States, Western and Eastern Europe, the South Pacific, Latin America and  South America, culminating with a headline spot at the CanCun International Jazz Festival playing to over 25,000 people.

From 1999 until 2010, Tony served as the Director of Creative Arts (Music Director) for Saddleback Church (Rick Warren, pastor) where he oversaw hundreds of musicians, singers and artists in everything from weekly worship services to concerts and various church productions. In 2005 and 2006, Saddleback Church premiered a large scale musical theater production of  The Journey, a Christmas musical co-written by Tony, and 2007 saw a new original production called "The Christmas Station."
Over the years, Tony has kept active in the studio as a guest on countless other artist's CDs and in concerts and club dates all over the world. He has continued to release solo CDs, including "Now & Then" (1995), "Mysterie" (1996), "Ballads" (2001), "Smooth Jazz At Midnight" (2002), "Christmas Songs w/ Bill Cantos" (2003), and has become established as a producer and composer in a variety of markets.

He is currently enjoying the success of his new band "The Hi-Fi Quintet" which pays homage to America's classic music from Louis Armstrong to The Rat Pack and just released sophomore CD, "This IS The Hi-Fi Quintet" in 2008. His latest CD, "Blue Room," has received numerous rave reviews and substantial radio airplay around the country, spending nearly six solid months on the National Jazz Charts.

Guerrero's Quintet features Matt Johnson (drums), Mark Visher (Saxophone), Mark Massey (Keyboards) and Dave Enos on Bass.

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