Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dirty Projectors On The Radio

Dirty Projectors Live Set
Morning Becomes Eclectic 
Wed. 8.8.2012; 11:15 AM PDT or KCRW FM 89.9 in LA 
via Bosco Radio Arts Channel 
Five Scoops of Bosco

Dirty Projectors, the creative and talented indie-rockers from New York led by Dave Longstreth, will be performing a live set on the Morning Becomes Eclectic radio program today (Wed. 8.8.12; 11:15 AM PDT).  The appearance is in support of their fifth album Swing Lo Magellan.

Dirty Projectors began in 2002 as a Longstreth solo project and their first early releases were mostly compilations of his work.

Starting with the band's third official album in 2005, The Getty Address, a loose concept album about Eagles frontman Don Henley's brain, the band started to make ripples on the national scene.

The group followed in 2007 with Rise Above, a collection of free-form, impressionistic Black Flag covers recreated from memory.

It was on Bitte Orca in 2009 that Dirty Projectors found a balance between the experimental and pop including influences from folk and R&B.  With singles like "Stillness Is The Move", the album struck a chord with audiences and critics putting the band in the consciousness of Indie Rock fans everywhere.

Their latest album finds the band building on that success with an exploratory approach.  The album's songwriting is more straightforward without losing the skewed outlook that has define their music to date.

Morning Becomes Eclectic can be heard every weekday morning beginning at 9 AM PDT in the Los Angeles area on KCRW Radio 89.9 FM or around the world on  Also, link to the show through Bosco Radio Arts and Entertainment in our sidebar.

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